Automotive Video

We’re not going to try to pretend that we invented the idea of marketing your dealership using video. But we think it’s fair to say that not all automotive video marketing is created equal. There is a lot of poor video content out there that isn’t doing anyone any favors. So we figured we’d gather together some of the best tactics we’ve seen and heard about and share them. Dealers know that the car business is all about standing out. Our automotive video marketing tactics will help you do that.


We use very innovative video content

When people think of SEO-boosting-content, they normally think of blog posts first, but ignoring the SEO potential in automotive video marketing is a good way to miss out on attracting the attention of car shoppers. Here’s the logic: Car shoppers love useful information. Every car shopper these days is first and foremost a researcher. Providing car shoppers with information is a great way to attract them to your dealership. Videomart try to provide car shoppers with information in the quick, helpful, and digestible form of a brief video because it is the perfect way to combine the research they want with a medium they enjoy. Google is aware of the benefits of video and has begun to rank videos as the first option for many queries. This can be particularly useful for dealers concerned with local SEO.

Videomart provides a good walk-through video that will be a quick yet polished overview of the vehicle with a focus on the features that make the car interesting and a professional (or at least, professional-sounding) voiceover. You can add these videos to your Youtube channel, tweet them, post them on Facebook (Ex: “Delivery Day at Dodson’s Datsuns!”) You can also add these videos to your VDPs. Oh, by the way, including a walkthrough video on VDP increases engagement 600% over static VDPs. Maybe we should have said that first.

When it comes to content that attracts car shoppers, remember that video is a great way to capture the interest of the visual car shopper. It’s helpful to have a mixture of content, but video can tell a story in greater depth than text alone. Using these great ideas, your dealership can position itself as an industry leader using automotive video marketing. With Videomart, you always find a better video with better content. We put immense efforts to nurture the best product for you in the form of a video.