B2B & B2V Video

In the world of online advertising, it takes exceptionally eye-catching, attention-grabbing campaigns to stand out above the clutter. It stands to reason that now more than ever marketers are turning to video. As advertising evolves, video advertising is becoming a progressively more popular marketing tactic for bringing awareness of a brand or product to an online audience.

Videomart produces B2B and B2C marketing and video content across a wide range of sectors. We have considerable experience in making videos for medical marketing and Pharma, including medical devices, engineering & technology, live events, not for profit, financial services, member organizations, apps and software, automotive, telecoms, leisure and retail sectors.


Video has changed the way that B2C marketers reach their customers. By filming creative, brand-centric, eye-catching videos, B2C marketers can raise awareness for their brand and earn sales.

Retail companies often integrate messages of coupons, sales, or online specials to trigger impulse purchases and drive revenue. B2C businesses can even go one step further by hyper-targeting viewers by using data from Geofencing, social media accounts, shopping sites, search history, past interactions with the brand, and other online interactions, to show viewers ads that are tailored to them. Using detailed behavioural, demographics, and location data, businesses can control what ads a viewer sees, showing them only the ads that they are most likely to interact with.

While many B2C companies were early adopters of video advertising, B2B companies have been a little slower to explore its capabilities.



B2B marketers have a unique opportunity when it comes to using video to promote sales. Video can help drive a long-term sales cycle if they are implemented with careful consideration of the big picture, and catered to specific steps in the sales cycle. For example:

  • Top of sales funnel videos that raise brand awareness.
  • Bottom of sales funnel videos that drive conversions.
  • Customer retention videos that provide education on how to use the product.

B2B businesses can use video to help instigate or enrich professional relationships and get their product out in front of decision makers by posting videos on B2B optimized social media sites like LinkedIn. While it is the #1 social media platform for B2B companies, video advertising strategies shouldn’t be limited to LinkedIn. B2B marketers also benefit from distributing their videos over multiple channels, including video veterans like YouTube and Facebook that are best optimized for video.

There is no question that video is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape, and that it’s not discriminating between B2B and B2C companies. Video traffic will make up over 80% of all Internet traffic by the year 2021, It’s in the best interests of B2B and B2C companies to stay educated, embrace video marketing, and get on board. If you need help distributing video ads or making videos to promote your product or business, contact us today!