Engineering Sector

The American author and renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker, once proclaimed that since the only real aim of a business is to create and keep customers, then all businesses could be seen as having only two basic functions; marketing and innovation. ‘Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs,’ he went on to conclude.

Whether you agree with Drucker or not, his point highlights that often difficult relationships are found in engineering and technology companies between marketing departments and R&D. Engineers must develop products the market wants, and marketers must communicate complex products to customers effectively.

When the product or system being engineered is highly complex or diffuse in nature and your target audience is not necessarily well versed in the technical language of your industry, a bridge is needed to create a connection between consumer and product. Effective communication through video is increasingly becoming the differentiator of success between competitors in the engineering sector. The development of new channels is just one avenue video marketing can exploit and this needn’t be expensive.

We’re seasoned professionals and know exactly how to use video in the engineering sector, having delivered content for a huge range of companies, as well as others that specialize in ducting, waste management, construction and more. Members of our creative team have also made documentaries at the highest levels for the Broadcasting Channels, and are experts in turning complex technical information into clear and engaging narratives. We understand the unique demands of these sectors, and are experienced in producing engineering videos that get results.