Recruitment Sector

Recruitment video is being used increasingly to attract and retain top talent. Job postings with videos are viewed 25% more than those without, and on average there are 60% more applications when videos are used.

For the future of recruiting, efficiently enlisting the right candidate will largely incorporate digital tools with methods like social networking, mobile apps and artificial intelligence. With all these new techniques gaining in popularity, it will be no surprise that a popular trend in the world of recruiting comes in the form of video. Video is increasingly being incorporated into the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process for many organizations. These companies are creating and posting recruiting videos to platforms like YouTube and other social media sites, or embedding them on their career websites, in order to attract candidates and communicate more effectively who they are, and what they stand for. Benefits of video marketing in recruitment process are:

A)You’ll reach and keep the attention of a larger audience

As many organizations have already begun to realize, the traditional approach is no longer enough to maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment. With all the recent advancements in online and mobile technology, companies need to take advantage of the rise in popularity of these multimedia practices. Here is where recruiting videos come into play.

Research by Syndacast also reveals that 65% of video viewers watch more than three quarters of a video. Because of the attraction to video instead of text, video recruitment guarantees an expansion in the reach of any recruitment effort.

Individuals can easily access recruitment videos on sites like YouTube and Instagram which also allow viewers to like and share. These interactive features not only engage the viewer but also position them as brand advocates, making sure that they obtain information on the company brand in a way that is appealing and easily distributed.

B) You’ll stay competitive

Videos are becoming increasingly utilized as a recruiting method. This means that if you aren’t incorporating videos into your own strategy, then you are falling behind the organizations that do. Getting overshadowed by competitor’s causes a lack of popularity, can be damaging to company brand, and ultimately heightens the risk of losing candidates with great potential.


C) You’ll appeal to the newer generations of talent

The future of the workplace is already here. If poaching the greatest and freshest candidates out of the talent pool is not a part of your recruiting strategy, you’ve now fallen behind all the companies that have already begun.

Embracing the benefits of video recruitment is a vital part of this. The 25-34 (millennial) age group watches the most online videos and men spend 40% more time watching videos on the internet than women. These candidates are the tech-savvy and visionary workforce that will expand your growth and drive innovation – if you can capture their attention.

D) You’ll increase your employer brand

It is unmistakable that recruitment videos are the perfect tool to establish and strengthen your company persona and brand. Although words hold a significant amount of power, they do not possess the ability to reveal the passion and eagerness that transpires at a company the way video does. To showcase a positive brand image companies must present the company culture, its products and services.

Overly scripted scenarios or any unrealistic staging will only fail to give candidates an accurate perception of your brand. Individuals want authenticity and anything false will only serve against your goal.

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