Retail Sector

Video technology has been utilized for advertising purposes for decades now, but with increasing competition, the need for better quality videos has also increased. Companies are now looking for demonstration videos that can captivate their audience while selling their product rather than just illustrating its functions. They are drifting their attention towards evoking interest through ideas that evolve around their product and its value in the customer’s life. Gone are the days when Coca-Cola advertised its drink as delicious and refreshing, its current slogan ‘open happiness’ promotes coke as a symbol of happiness!

The latest vogue in the retail department is e-commerce; it has people shopping on the go, is easy to access and saves time! But a common drawback of many such websites is their lack of videos. Selling products only by taking their photos from different angles doesn’t always work! Some customers demand more information regarding its look and uses.

A major drawback of online shopping is the inability to touch and feel the product. That, when combined with a limited angle view, is almost sure to make customers move on to other websites. Videos pose as the best solution for multi-perspective view of a product. According to research, 71% marketers confirmed that video converts better than any other content. Incorporating videos in digital marketing strategy is an amazingly effective way of reaching target customers. They can be accessed on mobile phones, shared widely and immensely affect the response a product gathers. It is also useful to engage your current client base and build on their loyalty.

We understand the retail sector, and know that driving conversions is your top priority. Our team has experience of creating effective video content campaigns, TV adverts, and point of sale videos, digital signage, and promos for retail marketing.

Our in-house services include strategic planning, creative, production and campaign roll-out. We’re flexible, and can work directly with your marketing team or with an agency. Either way, we’ll create a results-driven digital campaign that cuts through the noise.


In the Omni channel environment, we can help integrate your video across the whole customer journey, delivering the right video content at the right point in the sales cycle. We’ll produce an amazing video for your brand, and can go further by ensuring that it’s seen by your target audience, providing seamless PR, blogger outreach and video seeding services if required.

Our aim as video producers is to make sure your target audience understands and relates to your product. Whether you need to sell a product or an idea; describe its looks or functionalities, our product videos are specially tailored to meet your demands. The clock is ticking, let’s make videos that sell!